color to set the brakes Category: Yellow - ( to cover + brakes ) , green - ( to cover + brakes ) , Red - ( the cover + brakes ) , blue - ( cover + the brakes ) Accessories Category: other Accessories brands : TKD Type : sponge + brake shop services: support the installation Location : Shanghai Shanghai Accessories type: modification

Color Category: Black Model : CG-1000 Brand: Landmark of edge location : Shenyang

storage capacity: 128M GPS operating system: Windows CE 6.0 color categories: ① with 4G + 1 set of maps + , ④ sets of maps with 8G +2 + original hardware, ⑥ map with 8G +2 + digital TV sets, ⑤ with 8G +2 sets of map + Rear view camera, ② set of maps with 8G +2 + Pack Post, ③ sets of maps with 16G +4 + screen resolution: 800 × 480 service: shop three packs multimedia: video, electronic images, gaming, audio Play Interface: AV-IN, USB, TF, headphones Brand: Ding Feng E Road, Air basic features: FM transmitter, voice navigation, 3D maps, avin, handwriting input Price range :301-500 Model: X20 version highlighted Location: Beijing Beijing whether the cut-off: New map type: a high moral, Cn, Kay Lide, Inter-City GPS Screen Size: 7.0 inches Package Type: official standard

car vacuum cleaner features : welcome home , water Color Category: Blue car vacuum cleaner type : hand-held brand : other brands vacuum : 1800Pa additional features : 60W Model : car vacuum cleaner location: Zhejiang Taizhou power cord : Other size

Weight: 2.5KG Scope: bicycle tires, heavy truck tires, car tires common brand : Tianya pipes Length: Other Size with equipment: tire pressure table Model: 3032G Location: Beijing Beijing power mode: battery power

form factor: Mini brand : car Bangshi Model: car Bangshi --- tire pressure gauge Display Type : Digital location: Shanghai Shanghai type: Electronic material: Metal precision : precision

voltage conversion : 12V-220V exchange color classification: Photo Color continuous output power : other power Brand: brother Model car products : Multi -vehicle inverter location: Zhejiang Taizhou or without USB: is